About Us

Founded in 2017 as a successor of a group of family-owned companies operating in UAE, KSA & Egypt. We strive for achieving the best quality added value to the art of events management field, which we believe you are looking for the same.
We Lead with Enthusiasm to Achieve what we Decided to do .. for Every problem, we have the Right Solution!

LEADERS, Nobody does it Better!


To grow one of the biggest event management company operating in diverse sectors in MENA region.


Deliver top-notch events, Inspire the region with our talents and Create value that makes a difference!

Core Values

1- Ownership – Personal accountability comes first
2- Integrity
– To do it just right!
3- Transparency – NO blinds allowed
4- Passion – Let your passion guide you!
5- Diversity – None of us is as smart as all of us